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Default S&W Airweight questions

I own a S&W Airweight. Inside of frame next to yoke is stamped "Mod 37"; right side of 2" barrel is marked "AIRWEIGHT," second line "38.SPL CTG." Bottom of grips is stamped "AWT6421." There are no marking on the inside of the yoke.

I think this was made after 1960. It is nickel finish which I eventually want to send to S&W to redo at a later date.

I am missing the ejector rod extension that butts up against a spring-loaded detent under the barrel, then goes through the yoke and into the ejector in the cylinder. The cylinder and ejector are with the weapon. The ejector rod is a tight fit down the center of that cylinder, although the ejector operates smoothly. I remember there being a very short nickel-plated ejector rod with a knurled end that went into the yoke and engaged the front of the ejector via fine threads. I'm also missing a spring and apparently a pin that went down the center of the ejector rod, emerges at the back, and must have a small button on the end that protrudes through the ejector star and bears on the catch at the center of the back plate, next to the pawl that advances the cylinder when the trigger is pulled. The "catch" I'm referring to is what cycles the cylinder release back when the cylinder is closed into battery in the frame.

I need the proper nomenclature of everything other than the ejector itself if I am going to find replacement parts.

I'm also curious about how old this thing is. I've never seen markings anywhere like those I've described on this weapon's butt. Does anyone have any info on this or where replacement parts can be obtained? Thanks!

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