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Heh heh, in Panama I carried 4 blades. Issue folder, SRK, the Gerber Mk11, and a machete.
Thanks for the memories!

On one of my brief sojourns in Panama I carried 6 knives. I can't even recall all of them anymore; too many years ago. But I know I had a Swiss Army Knife with me, a tactical folder of one brand or another, a Cold Steel neck knife, and a Kabar type of knife that concealed perfectly underneath my USN jungle fatigues because the shirt was worn outside the pants. Indoors, when seated, I just tilted the knife and wrapped the shirt around it. Nobody really cared and only just a few actually knew I was carrying so many edged tools, anyway. There were six but two of them have slipped from my memory. I made a couple more trips to Panama but I had become comfortable with the environment so I cut back on the weaponry.
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