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Default Reloading Karma

I spent time Friday and yesterday looking at my brass supply and trying to organize it. I have 2 boxes of once fired .45ACP I would like to give to a new reloader. One box is Magtech and the other is American Eagle. I also have a box of American Eagle .357 if someone is new at that round. These were given to me by non-reloaders.

I have bought several thousand rounds of mostly military brass over the last 40 some years and picked a lot up off the ground. I shoot outside and have lost a lot of brass over the years. I remember what it was like starting out when I had to reload what I had if I wanted to shoot.

All I ask is that you be honest about being new at the game and not having a lot of brass to work with. I will tumble this brass for you also.

Let me know if you are interested and I will pick a winner or winners tomorrow.
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