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Originally Posted by 1&done View Post
Sorry for not understanding.

If anyone works up some loading info on these, please share it. These look very interesting if you look at the high speed video on this projectile (and the ARX).
No problem. As previously indicated the Lehigh website has what I feel is extensive load data for both 9mm & 357 SIG. This includes multiple powders (I use CFE, True Blue & #5) in 9mm. Also, in 357 SIG (Longshot, CFE & #7) there are powders with 1,600+ fps loads!

That's moving right along! The Underwood version using this bullet is listed at 1,700 fps. I believe that's about the fastest production ammo (other than 5.7 28mm) out there?

Their website has load data for virtually all their products as well. I was very impressed considering some bullet manufacturers pretty much leave us out in the cold.


P.S. Nevada Ed: the video from tnoutdoors9 might change your mind...?
Hades! Even Paul Harrel said some good things about it!

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