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Originally Posted by Doug627 View Post
Great actor. I heard he was a bodyguard for Howard Hughes. Anyone know about that?
He got his start as a chauffeur at Howard Hughes movie studio and stepped into acting.

There were numerous people who stepped in as body guards when one wasn't readily available.

I helped manage an auto shop in Murray Utah back in the early 90s and we had a regular customer by the name of Howard Eckersley. Mr Eckersley also worked for Mr Hughes up until his passing.

Mr Eckersley drove a 1970 Buick Grand Sport 455 Stage 1. He bought that car new while he was working for Mr Hughes. At the time he oversaw his mining operations.

Mr Eckersley was present when the famed Spruce Goose took its only flight.

Mr Eckersley told lots of stories about Mr Hughes. They were all very interesting.

He also new Mr Brimley from when they worked for Hughes movie productions.

No question that Mr Brimley was a great actor but Mr Eckersley and a lot of people who lived in Lehi sure didn't praise him much as a person.

There were 6 people who were very close and personal with Mr Hughes and not one of them ever agreed to help with a Howard Hughes autobiography, even though Mr Hughes left them nothing.

Howard Eckersley - Obituary

Grenade Curran was also a customer who worked for Hughes and knew Mr Brimley and spoke of him often.
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