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Default Going large

A-Square's handloading and rifle manual "Any Shot You Want" includes some data for the 105x608mm tank gun.
A picture of one firing at night is on the cover.
One of the most entertaining manuals out there if you are a big bore nut.
The author developed loads for that gun and others during his military career after which he became a big bore shooting guru.

He uses this large caliber to show that pressures in gun cartridges are all about the same no matter the size.
Pressures range from 24 to 60 kcup for the various projectiles listed.
His writing style is highly amusing IMHO:

"I am sick to death of the pinheads that come into the booth, stick their finger in the muzzle of a rifle in .500 A-Square or .470 Capstick
(I'm not sure what they think they are measuring but I've got a good suggestion for another place to put their finger),
utter some comment like "Look at the size of that hole! Why the pressures must be horrendous, that rifle will blow up"
and then dance back into the aisle as if they had just revealed some immutable truth.
They couldn't be more wrong."

"Please don't ask A-Square company to make you a rifle in 105x608mm.
Sorry we won't do it"

HEP-T projectile 24.8 lbs 60710 powder 96.8 oz 2400 fps 24 kcup
APDS-T projectile 12.94 lbs 67878 powder 197.6 oz 4875 fps 60.1 kcup
TPDS-T projectile 8.54 lbs 69584 powder 159.3 oz 5050 fps 51.9 kcup

Art Alphin (Mr. A-Square), Finn Aagaard, Craig Boddington, Gary Minton, and Terry Wieland wrote the chapters in this book.
624 pages of hunting happiness. Recommended.
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