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Exclamation CHRONYS

Originally Posted by mikld View Post
I too, use my chrony to look for higher pressure loads. High velocity normally equates to higher pressure, so if I'm getting 300 fps more than the max load listing in my manuals my loads may be too high (yeah, I know the manuals list results from different barrel lengths than mine, different exact components and the use of universal receivers). It is not exact, does not tell me pressure, it only tells me the load is approaching max or may be too high...
Well I was always happy things worked and hit what they were supposed to. These days, with more time, maybe too muchon my hands I have started being concerned more with velocity than much else. I am thinking if five rounds are loaded, and all treated the same, the velocity of said rounds should be pretty much the same-- even with any given box??? Need I rethink all this??
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