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[QUOTE=Nemo288;140886285]Check out "The Perverse Nature of Standard Deviation":

"Most revolver loads are only partially full of powder.
I believe this to be one of the major sources of velocity variance."

I couldn't agree more with Nemo288. I loaded some .32-20 rounds a while back and launched them over a chronograph and was startled by their velocity variance. Given the powder charge did not come close to filling the case I became curious. I shot two six shot strings; one after shaking with muzzle down, and one after shaking the revolver muzzle up, before each shot. With the powder mostly towards the projectile the average was 540 feet per second. With the powder mostly nearer the primer the velocity averaged 820 feet per second. I viewed this as an astonishing difference based entirely on where the powder was in the case.
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