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Default Red Dot Mounting

As my Franken-Smith project continues to morph and develop, it looks like I'll be trying to add a reflex type red dot sight to one of the slides. Since no-one is making a a mounting plate for any of the older Smiths now and finding a NOS plate is pretty iffy, I'm wondering which of the currently produced adaptor plates would be easiest to modify (as little as possible) to mount one of these sights? I'm thinking that if I use my 439 non-adjustable sight slide as the platform, a plate for a 1911 might work, but I'm also wondering whether the plate for an M&P or one for a Novak cut might be a better choice.

Has anyone made such a mounting lately and willing to share their experiences? I might alternatively be using a 915 slide and it looks like it has the same dovetail as the 915(??)

As always, Thanks In Advance for any and all help!
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