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Originally Posted by Gazz View Post
Thanks for the useful replies. Fortunately, the revolver seems to be fine as it is. The fellow that I got it from told me that it shaved lead and I believed him but after a total disassembly, cleaning and lubrication, it works fine with no evidence of any shaved lead. I hung a piece of white paper vertically and fired the revolver with lead .38 special loads about 6" or so from the sheet with no evidence of any holes or marks in the paper.
Also the reason I asked about how to fix it was so that I could do the work and learn something. Taking it to a "professional" is something I already know.
Happy that your Model 66 is not actually shaving lead when fired. It could be that the former owner was not adequately cleaning the revolver or was shooting some really poor quality lead bullets, leading him to believe it was shaving lead.

Kudos to you for the desire to learn more about your revolver and how to maintain and maybe execute some repairs.
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