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Originally Posted by WR Moore View Post
MGW also makes adapters as do some of the folks who make the optics. That said, having tried one of those plates, if you have any thought of possibly using the optic for defensive purposes, YOU STILL NEED THE IRON SIGHTS! There's also a massive difference between having the optic at/near the normal sight plane and having it waaay up there.
Iím planning on having two complete slides, with the reflex red dot mounted on one and a good set of irons on the other. I donít see any real advantage to having a carry piece with an optical sight mounted high above the ďnormalĒ line of sight. If I have any doubt about the efficacy of the red dot in a given situation, I donít want it anywhere in the way!

I looked at the EGR site with no joy, but Iíll try MGW and Springer Precision to see if either of them offers a ďdrop inĒ solution. Meanwhile, does anyone know whether the dovetail for the basic, non-adjustable S&W sight corresponds in size to any other dovetail?

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