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Don't have any non-Novak slide available to do a comparison. The Novak dovetail mounts have a flat to bear on the reduced height of the slide at the rear of the sight. Also, the dovetail is 0.495 in wide. Trying to fit one in a pre-Novak dovetail is going to result in a lot of filing or some machine time-on the mount, not the slide.

OK, let's cover some basics. There's the dovetail type mounts for optics and then there are the plates that gun makers developed to allow you to mount a wide range of optical sights on a particular "optics ready" slide. Then you have machining your slide to accept a given optic.

Doing the dovetail mount puts the optic way high. Machining the slide to use a plate will still put the optic higher (about 1/8-3/16 in) than optimal and any iron sights you fit will probably be way high. You don't want the size of the optic to overpower the width of the slide. Also, the optic is going to get shock loads somewhere around 700-800 Gs during firing, so don't go cheap.

You might contact David Bowie at Bowie Tactical Concepts for advice. After trying the dovetail mount I shelled out for machining the slide and iron sights.

The need for iron backup sights is largely due to the fairly narrow tunnel that exists where you see the dot. With practice, you can be fast with the dot, but having both is simply insurance.

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