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Default Recommendations for 4586 trigger springs

I want to smooth up and lighten up my 4586's trigger.

Years ago -- maybe 1998 or so -- I was pretty good friends with a regional S&W supervisory rep.

He freely loaned me "samplers" and even his own carry gun.

He had a 1086 which was astoundingly smooth, light and accurate.

In fact, so much so, it flabbergasted one of those "Glock Perfection" guys.

I'd never shot a Smith DAO before, so this one spoiled me permanently -- and I now favor them more the the DA/SA standard.

What sort of trigger work had likely been done on that 1086 that I could still find and have done on my 4586? Could it simply have been achieved with Wolff or Apex spring change-outs?

Remember, this was a top guy with S&W, so he had access to the Performance Center at its best if he wanted.

It's possible he had access to skill and services that can't be duplicated now. He's been retired for a long while, and he's put S&W behind him. I've called his family repeatedly until I became a borderline pest, then just quit after never hearing back.

So I can't even find out what he had done.

What springs and other work could I have done without running the tab way up or compromising the pistol's reliability?

At any rate, this trigger was simply beyond comprehension -- and was a glowing testimonial to what S&W DAOs could become. And I've GOT to try to find my way back to Shangri-La again.
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