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Default 59XX series extraction issues?

Just came back from some rather frustrating range sessions with my new 5906TSW. The gun itself feels great to shoot, the trigger is excellent, it fills my hand well, it points naturally and the weight makes placing shots feel almost like cheating, but unfortunately it's also plagued with chronic failure to extract issues. It's been hard getting a variety of 9mm ammo in this market to test a spread but so far it's choked on 9mm 115gr Browning value ammo and 125gr remanufactured ammo, and it especially did not seem to like the remanufactures. It has no problem feeding the ammo but it'll fail to extract spent casings and then double feed the next round right under it, I considered it was possibly because of poor quality ammo but I always felt like a 5906 would be a lot less sensitive to that sort of thing and my HK P2000SK happily ate the same reloads without issue the same range session. Before the 5906TSW I also had the same issues with a 5926, so I'm wondering if it's an extractor issue specific to the 59 series guns since I've never had any kind of issues with the 4013TSW I used to have or my 1006. Both the 5926 and 5906TSW were at one point police guns, and the 5906TSW is very well worn so I suppose it could be down to poor maintenance, but the 5926 is in very good shape still and still has those issues. Is it also possibly a recoil spring issue? The other common denominator between it and my 5926 has been the new recoil springs I ordered from MidwayUSA and installed before actually firing them.
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