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Originally Posted by just plain joe View Post
When we had problems with our semi-automatic pistols and AR15 pattern rifles, most times it could be traced to magazines, especially as relates to double-feeds. Occasionally, but rarely, little or improper weapon lubrication was the culprit.

I would try to determine if these malfunctions are occurring with a specific magazine or magazines. I always told my fellow officers not to fall in love with their magazines. They don't last forever and should be treated as a "wear" item. Consider checking the magazine lips for signs of damage or deformation. You might wish to consider replacing magazine springs. Cycling the magazine through loading/shooting contributes to spring failure. Contrary to what some espouse, I never found a quality magazine taking a "set" from being left "loaded". Instead it was the many loading/shooting cycles where the spring was compressed and then released by firing the weapon that led to its eventual failure.

I'm certain others more knowledgeable than I will be by to provide further information.


I had the issue with both OEM mags and brand new Mec Gar ones. The FTEs also happen when hand cycling with snap caps which doesn't occur on any other pistol I have so I'm inclined to think it's some sort of extractor issue.

Originally Posted by mscampbell2734 View Post
I have a square trigger guard 5903 and I've had to have the extractor replaced twice.

I know Smith went through at least 3 changes to the extractor, and at 3 for the spring. The original spring was a single spring, then a dual spring and back to a single spring.
My 5926 is a square trigger guard so I'd expect that to have some early extractor issues but my 5906TSW is newer by almost a decade and I'd have thought whatever issues it had would've been worked out by S&W by that point.
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