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Originally Posted by hammy5150 View Post
...but unfortunately it's also plagued with chronic failure to extract issues. It's been hard getting a variety of 9mm ammo in this market to test a spread but so far it's choked on 9mm 115gr Browning value ammo and 125gr remanufactured ammo, and it especially did not seem to like the remanufactures. It has no problem feeding the ammo but it'll fail to extract spent casings and then double feed the next round right under it, I considered it was possibly because of poor quality ammo...

Before the 5906TSW I also had the same issues with a 5926...
Since it only happens with the Browning value ammo and a certain remanufactured ammo load, I'd say it is not a problem with your pistols, but with the ammo being a little under powered.
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