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I use Zero's Bullet almost exclusively. I have not made a bulk purchase of that particular bullet (#158) but I did have them send me a sample (~20) of them, which they'll do when you order something else.

I didn't save any load details on that small free sample test but I can tell you about the bullet:

- it's a full metal jacket, flat nose bullet with an exposed lead base.

- dia. was .3557", the same as their 125gr JHP (#161)

- the bullet's overal length is .544", a little shorter than #161 (.560")

- average weight was 125.7gr

I've found when loading Speer's 125gr TMJ (357 SIG) bullets, in a 9x19 case, that the bullet's flat nose required I use a slightly shorter COAL" to feed properly from the magazine.

If you're load doesn't require a max. COAL" then I don't see an issue with these for range use loads.

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