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I am not sure if I watched the same video some of you did.

On the topic of shooting through a windshield it can work. Best case scenario is you can get an area cleared of glass and get a clean shot out. All in all not a good option.

Now to the video. I get there is a guy speeding aggressively behind you. Outside of that the brake check is clearly the first overt act directed toward someone. Not just a guy being a jerk behind the wheel.

From what I see the brake check results in the cars colliding. I don't see them hitting or any ramming outside of that.

At this point the rational response should be to pull over and think defense. Not continue driving and pursuing. I didn't see anyone in the video pulling out a phone to contact LE. In fact they weren't contacted until later.

The driver of the truck had his gun out early on based off the video. Do we know if the other driver thought the truck driver was chasing him with a gun and he/she was thinking they needed to defend themselves.

All around a bad situation made worse by the actions of the guy driving the truck coupled with the first guy being to aggressive in his driving.
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