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In Ian Hogg’s “Pistols of the World” one finds the following sentence:

“Protector: This name was applied to 6·35mm Eibar-type pistols made by Echave & Arizmendi and Santiago Salaberrin.”

Here is a rant about disassembling a Protector from an old post in a different forum, for what it’s worth

“ .... the Protector had some of the same characteristics as the Colt Junior and the Colt Baby Hammerless. Lock the slide back, remove the barrel, then remove the take-down lever. and slide the slide assembly off the front of the gun. Simple, huh? Not in my world. I couldn't get the slide to come back far enough to lock it. What a PITA! I just started tearing parts out of it until it was down to the frame and 1 pin. Turns out the hammer had come loose and prevented the slide from coming all the way back. A long coil spring in the back-strap was the main spring for the hammer at one end and the spring pressure for the magazine release at the other end.
I finally got it all back together a couple of hours later and it will fire now.”

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