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Originally Posted by lowgun View Post
Almost two years since I have discussed the "grail gun" that Chuck and I are pursuing. One poster opined that the grail gun could possibly have become a Fitz gun. I don't know what a Fitz gun is, but I'm sure it has something to do with originality. Chuck and I haven't discussed originality, but the original grips seem to have been trashed for or made into some kind of hand carved grips that I have not seen. I think even the carved grips have been lost. Maybe a Fitz gun is a gun that has lost its original grips and had them replaced with Fitz grips. How did I do? I have seen and photographed the gun and all metal is original. Stay tuned.
Typically when I see someone online say a gun has been Fitz'd, they are referring to the front of the trigger guard being cut out.

I only have one "Fitz'd" gun, which I purchased for next to no money and I enjoy because of that, and by what a hilarious wreck it is:

It does however illustrate what I mean by the trigger guard being cut away, as Fitz liked to do.
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