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I liked those old 3/4 jacket bullets. SWC design, soft lead for expansion, jacket prevents leading. All good. I shot these in .357 in both 146 and the 160 (same design but no hollow point) for years till discontinued. I found a few boxes of that same design bullet in 200 gr. .41 and 225 gr. .44 a few years back - in the old yellow hardboard boxes with metal corners. I got to wondering when the transition to plastic boxes happened ( when I started reloading in the mid-70s they were already plastic) so I emailed Speer and asked them. Told them I'd just found a few boxes of those in a sporting goods store. The Speer guy's response was priceless - he said "I think late 60s or early 70s - don't buy any dairy products from that store."
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