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Default Bernadelli 7.65 VB (aka 46)

Picked up a Bernadelli VB 7.65 (.32ACP) a couple of days ago. This is the pre model 60 striker fired pistol not the hammer fired pocket auto. Metal is in great shape but it has had the bluing "polished" off to white metal. Gun is very accurate due to fixed barrel but has almost no sights, just a shallow "gutter like" groove like a Browning 1910. The gun feeds fine but some times I get light strikes or striker doesn't cock. Ordered Wolff recoil and striker spring set from Hooper Gun Works. Part number 24051. Hopefully this addresses the issue since the spring looks and feels spent. Anyone have one of these? I really like the thing and hope it gets to running normal.

If you have one post a pic or two and tell us how you like it.
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