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Originally Posted by Cal44 View Post
That's probably not a great idea.

Sort of like reaming out a 642 to accept 357 Mag.

It would probably work, but 327 and 357 mag would be way over pressure for an Aluminum gun.

S&W made the Scandium alloy guns for a reason -- to strengthen the frame for magnum rounds.

You would stand a good chance of cracking the frame.

Now I'd like to see a Scandium version of the 340PD in 327 Federal. But it would kick like a mule.

I just sold a 342Ti AirLite II. These are .38 Special and rated for .38 Special +P. Have arthritis in my shooting hand and these are pretty whippy with full power loads. These light guns are hard to control especially when your hands hurt to begin with. Traded the 342 for a like new WW II Victory Model.
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