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Originally Posted by karl-b View Post
I got my hands on a 1980 Model 57 (serial number N674xxx) but this gun seems to be a mix of the Model 57 (frame) and the Model 58 (barrel). Was this option available? I am not a S&W specialist. The pin looks untouched as the gun looks in mint condition as well. The problem is that this combination is shooting high, no surprise because of the very short front sight. The combination looks good (I like it) but the question is: Is this gun a piece of **** or just a rare (stupid?) custom combination.
The Standard Catalog has no mention of a variation like that (didn't expect it to), but I think it looks pretty good. I certainly wouldn't call it whatever you called it that the auto-censor made into asterisks. It does beg the question as to why someone would change the barrel, though. How much high does it shoot; can you set the rear sight as low as possible and adopt a different sight picture to compensate for it, like a low 6 o'clock hold vs. a "sunrise" hold?

My M58 is the only fixed sight S&W that I have, and I couldn't clearly see the front post in the rear notch (getting old and bifocals). I painted the edge of the rib bright red, similar to the insert available on the Baughman front sights, and painted the back of the notch white. Allows me to better see the sight picture; I know that won't help you with your short post issue, but adapting to what you have will still work.

Maybe the previous owner had a 6" barrel M57, wanted a 4", but could only find the M58 barrel; didn't realize the sight height difference until too late.

Another thought; since you found a M57 with a M58 barrel, it stands to reason there might be a M58 somewhere out there with a M57 barrel. A true Holy Grail quest.
My pair, 1967 and 1968 S prefixes, the M58 was ANIB when I bought it.
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