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Default Historical letter for TL sn 5755 - one of 67 .455 TL with SN that w

This was the Triple lock sn 5755 noted earlier to be in the duplicate number range. According to Hondo44 (page 6 post #259) “It is one of the rare 67 .455 Triple Lock #s that was used twice.”
Hondo44 lists 2 ways to tell which revolver category this one is in. On inspection, It is not drilled through the sn and has no military markings, so is likely a category 2.

Just received the Jinks Letter on this one, which talks about the 2 revolvers receiving this sn and agrees it is likely the one in the commercial .455 range.

Pics of the revolver are at post #279 and #280.

Did a search all the numbers 5756 to 5776 on this forum and did not find any of the other revolvers in this shipment documented here. As the letter does not have an address for Colonel E. M. Edwards, not sure if this was a shipment to Canada (where this revolver was recently purchased), the UK or somewhere in the USA. Any info welcome.

Colonel E. M. Edwards does not show up in the “Library and Archives Canada - Personnel Records of the First World War”.
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