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Lightbulb Well, except...

Originally Posted by len917 View Post
Hodgdon website - 231/HP38 is there 124 gr FMJ
...that it is a plated 124gr HBRN-TP.

Which, really begs my point. As Nevada Ed has said, the OALs for the various 124 & 125gr bullets that will work (and by "work" I mean safely & reliably load, chamber, fire and eject) in your various semi-automatic pistols is the 1st thing one needs to determine: if you want a load to work in ALL your applications you need to find the MOST restrictive (limiting?) firearm and THEN work up the powder amount to your goal. Short OALs definitely can increase pressure when approaching MAXIMUM loads.

Whether that goal is in velocity or accuracy is up to you: it may be a combination of the two. For targets at 50 feet velocity can often be reduced to improve accuracy. If you are looking to develop a SD load where velocity is important for expansion, however, accuracy at 7-10 yards may suffice.

Obviously the more firearms you have of the same caliber can make this process quite involved. For some this is the absolute BANE of reloading: for others it is both the challenge and the FUN!


P.S. Somewhere around 4.6gr WIN231 (or Bullseye, BTW) has worked for me for many different bullets in the 124-125gr range.
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