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Originally Posted by Pizza Bob View Post
Like the OP, born in the 50's (the very early 50's) and grew up in the 60's and 70's reading Elmer & Skeeter.

I lived in NE PA in the 70's and there was a large department store in Eynon, PA called Sugarman's. In an age where other gunstores were gouging prices on N-frame Smiths, Sugarman's was discounting them. You just had to get on a list and wait.

I did just that and got on their list for both a Model 25-2 and a Model 29-2, both with 6 1/2" barrels. In July of 1977 I got the call for the 25-2 and paid $229.95. Later that same year, I got the call for the 29-2 and paid $269.95. Still have them both, with quite a few others that I have accumulated over the years.

Both came with presentation cases, which I also still have, although in need of jcelect's services. The stocks on the 25-2 are early monogrips by Guy Hogue.


Pizza Bob
I had a cased 25 in the mid 80's. Had to wait 2 years for it. Kept it 10 years, never shot it and traded it. Man I have done some dumb things!!!

Did the same thing with a high polished Python too
We deal in lead ,friend
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