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Originally Posted by Gunhacker View Post
Also, if you look closely at the grip screw escutcheon on the OP's grips, the grip screw comes in from the opposite (right hand) side than Herrett's.
After looking closer at the OPís photos, I agree theyíre not Troopers. Troopers donít have the semi thumb-rest on both sides. This is a set of mine, made for huge hands!

A Gifted model 48-3-b0df4190-f469-4d7f-93ea-7962f2277bda-jpg

A Gifted model 48-3-ab934f43-6b7f-4f81-8896-68e5f2270122-jpg

They look more like uncheckered Herrett Shooting Starís.

A Gifted model 48-3-425c3e71-32a0-4183-b55f-8dbaf8bd0c0f-jpg

This set was advertised last year on ebay as Herrettís and appear to be a dead ringer for the OPís grips.

Itís possible they were misrepresented. The auction page is long gone and I could only find the one photo. The stamped numbers on the back of the OPís grips and the label still has me stumped and I donít know if Herrett always put the screw in from the left side. Whatever they are, theyíre very nice!
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