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Technically yes.

In practice, as every revolvero knows, measuring your chamber throats and, if possible the bore dimensions, will show that as manufactured these can vary all over the place.
I have 44 revolvers made in the mid 1980's that have throats as big as .433" and newer ones that are .429" (theoretically correct).
45's can vary even more over the last century and more.
Matching your bullets to the throat dimension can go a long way to increasing accuracy which is where cast bullets come in handy.

Microgroove barrels, both 44 mag carbines and the big 444 seem to do best with bullets sized .432".
The largest jacketed 44 bullet I know of is the Zero at .431" and it does shoot well out of the 444 but does not have the right construction for hunting at full speed (as mentioned above).
I use them for plinking and practice in reduced loads.
Others say they also shoot well in many revolvers although I have not had the chance to test this much.

The trick to shooting slightly undersized bullets is to hit them hard enough in the base to bump them up to size and seal that chamber throat.
In the 44 special, softer bullets like the Speer 200 gr GDHP, which is really a plated bullet, works great as do other cast numbers.
In the 44 mag, full charge loads usually are quite accurate for the same reasons IMHO.
In the 444, heavy 280-300 grain .432" cast GC bullets are generally the most accurate going somewhere around Mach 2.
"Everything 44"

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