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To add just a little confusion to the mix: The 44 S&W Russian and the 44 Henry RF are suppose to be the same as 44 Mag and the others. BUT! 44-40 (aka 44 WCF) as manufactured by Remington is .427 in their revolvers. My pair of Ruger Vaqueros in 44-40's would not chamber ammo loaded with .429!

Then you could look at 44 Colt and 44 S&W American (both healed bullets) use outside case sized bullets. Then there are a ton of European cartridges in 11 to 11.5mm diameter, they are pretty much a proprietary loading of 44 Russian. They have listed diameters variable by a few 1/1000ths of an inch, but they are loaded with a wide verity of hollow based bullet diameters (I think that was a quality control issue!)

All the old cartridges were loaded with oversize soft lead bullets the would swage down or obturate up to fit whatever the individual gun needed.

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