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Originally Posted by BC38 View Post
Just out of curiosity, why not? Is 2000+ FPS too much for them? Do they over expand? Fragment?
They tend to explode at the surface leaving a meat crater and don't penetrate to the vitals as necessary for a quick kill.
Remington added an extra cannelure near the bottom of their 240 JSN to try and strengthen them up for the initial factory 444 ammo offering.
Reactions were mixed which caused quite a bit of damage to the 444's reputation until Hornady designed a 265 JSP specifically for the 444 with a thicker jacket and harder core.
There are now several jacketed bullets intended for 44 rifles but the Hornady 265 is still the main one although not for long as it has been discontinued.
The Woodleigh Weldcore 280-444 is probably the best one but it is rare and expensive if even available.
Other 44 jacketed candidates for running near Mach 2 are the Swift A-Frames, silhouette bullets like the Sierra 250 FPJ, and FMJ numbers like the Barnes Buster.
The cheapest, easiest, and potentially most accurate solution is to use a heavy .431-2" WFNGC if penetration on bigger game is desired.
I use the 260 gr. version in the 44 mag Redhawk with excellent results (18-19 gr. 2400).
Behind 31 gr. IMR4227 that bullet goes 1822 fps out of a 12" .445 Supermag Encore and 1913 fps out of the 17" barrel.
I get 2145 fps out of the 22" 444 using a 280 gr. WFNGC and 41 gr. H4198.
All are accurate enough for hunting (more accurate than I am).
In case you can't tell, I am a big fan of Veral Smith and his bullets.
He is the natural successor to Elmer Keith as to cast bullet design for revolvers and their lever/break action mates.
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"Everything 44"

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