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Originally Posted by Greyman50 View Post
Develop a safe method for smelting and casting. No smoking( if you do) and Make Sure NO BEVERAGES anywhere close to lead pots. Being in Florida I try to cast in winter( if you can call it that) in garage with door open and large box fan to the side of pot blowing Out. Have some protective clothing such as shop apron, gloves, ( nomex flight gloves are great)jeans, leather shoes ,clear face shield and hat/ cap. You do not want a visit from the ď tinsel fairyĒ. Been casting since late 70ís and keep Pb in metal ammo cans. I only size with RCBS sizer and dies since 70ís.
Iím still getting set up and have to do a little light construction before I start melting. Iím planning on building a small vent hood enclosure. I picked up a used range hood for $15 on craigslist. Iím going to build a plywood box with either plexiglass doors or a sliding window. That way, I can keep my garage cool while I cast.
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