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Default Norma 9mm brass

Went to size/deprime several hundred 9mm brass on my Lee press with Lee dies. Noticed after a couple of hundred that the primers were not being knocked out. Checked my deprime punch and pin is missing. Have done thousands of 9mm through this carbide die, so figured, fatigue of metal and it finally broke. Did not have spare, but have several other Lee dies, so just moved a 38 super punch over. After maybe 40 to 50 cases, noticed its not pushing primers out either.

Checked and I have about 100 Norma brass range pickups. The flash hole in these cases is the smallest diameter I have ever seen. Found the pictured 2 Normas with the pins stuck solid in the flash hole. Could not pull pin out with needle nose pliers, had to punch them out of the brass. Reinstalled both pins in their original punch by hammering them in, segregated the Norma brass to the round file and finished decapping the other brands with no issues.

Be careful of Normal brass, expect that the pocket being that small, they would pull pins out of RCBS or any other dies that uses a replaceable pin held in by a collet.

Wonder if they use a magnum primer as the flash hole is smaller than other manufacturers?
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