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Default Lee dislike

Originally Posted by Ivan the Butcher View Post
Lee is famous for being a little "Ham Fisted" on depriming pins. Most brands have large and small sized pins and some have smaller Bench Rest pins also.

A tight flash hole is to help keep the ignition pressure in the case and not blow primers, epically in old pistols with weak return springs.

Lee dies and presses are great when on a tight budget, but you always get what you pay for.

Seen that same theme over and over again on the reloading forum. I load for over 10 calibers rifle and pistol, have nothing but Lee dies and this is the first issue I have had with them. they may be "budget" dies, but I have made over 100,000 rds. through them without an issue until this brass. My 2 cents, I blame the brass not the depriming pin. Was just giving an alert to people who might use those to watch out for Norma brass.
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