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Default So you're thinking about handloading for 1 caliber

I thought I was just going to handload one caliber, the 357 Maximum. It was costing $2.25 a round and I had fallen in love; but I couldn't pay the fee to take her dancing.

Back in 1961, I learned to load 12 gauge shotgun when my step-dad decided my brother and I was shooting too much of his expensive ammo and locked it up. I stopped after a couple of years and forgot all about it.

Then years later my son was over in Phoenix and had a 550 press. I tried it and liked it a lot. I bought a 550 for the 357 Maximum rounds.
I discovered I could make better ammo than I could buy. It wasn't just cheaper, it was better.

So I got the conversion kit and the dies and the powder and the bullets.
Yippee, I'm done. That turned out to be a stupid, pitiful comment.
Once you've got the 550 loader, you may think you're done, but NOOOOO. What could one more caliber hurt?

I have now bought over 20 different powders and dozens upon dozens of different bullets and dies for

32 auto, 32S&W, 32S&Wlong, 32H&Rmag, 325fedmag, 32-20 WCf, 9mm, 38 special, 357mag, 357 Maximum, 40, 10mm, 41spl, 41mag, 44spl, 44mag, 45 auto, 45 Colt, 455 Webley, and others I've probably forgotten.
(anyone notice those are all handgun calibers)

That's a lot to buy and to pay for. I really was ignorant of the supplies needed, but I learned pretty fast.

I spent money everywhere. A guy can't live without a few Lee Factory Crimp Dies; and of course for those pesky bullets, you need a few "M" dies to make that perfect nest.

But please don't ever let me sound like I'm complaining. Handloading is now as much a part of my life as shooting. I would go stark raving mad if I couldn't chase the perfect load for the perfect gun.

Some guys just use one powder, one bullet, one recipe for one caliber. That's not me.

It's an addiction like no other.
Enjoy, but get ready for a journey that may surprise you.

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