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Default Started with 12 gauge

I started with 12 gauge at 10 years old in Dad's garage. Were all waterfowlers and lead was Ok back then. Issue was, for waterfowl loads, no one back then was using the AA low brass shells. Not in any book for larger lead sizes. So we used the high brass shell. Those sons of guns would swell and stick in the chamber no mater how many times you sized them.

Fast forward 15 years I got a Colt series 70 Government .38 super and winced at ammo prices. That started me on metallic reloading. Now on 15+ calibers.

The weird thing is, until the most recent scare 12 gauge dove loads only saved 50 cents a box. Could pick them up at Academy for $5.99 a box and reloading was $5.50. The dust started gathering on my MEC. Still have 3 cases of Rem. Heavy dove, so set for this years season, but next year may have to resurrect the MEC.

Hi Ivan!

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