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Originally Posted by Ivan the Butcher View Post
Hi, Prescut!

I'm sure I have everything under control also! As to the intervention? Where would my adult children get their ammo?, Three of them and myself used 2700 rounds at a 3 day Cowboy shoot, between a practice day and 3 of competition! I don't think you could buy 2700 rounds of 45 Colt in all of Ohio right now!

Or am I just rationalizing my habit, because it is convenient for others as well as myself?

Yes, the family thing seems to be pretty common. I'm not sure that my sons or my grandchildren actually know that ammunition can be purchased in stores. They just pack up their fired brass and send it to Grampa's house. Couple of months prior to deer season every year I find myself doing a marathon reloading session, usually 30-plus boxes of rifle ammo. One son really likes .45ACP, the other son shoots .357, 9mm and .40S&W. One grandson prefers 9mm and seems to shoot about as much as I do.

At least they have all learned to save their brass!
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