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The cost of getting powder out of the can and the proper amount into the case just keeps going up!

A good quality powder measure is a $150-$300 and you will need a scale to adjust it! The two I currently use are a Redding BR-30 and the Lyman 55 Black Powder variant. All Lyman 55's are currently discontinued, but there are still new old stock and a couple hundred thousand used ones. It is THE BEST "all round" powder drop out there, barr none!! The Redding BR-30 is more specialized for cases in the 223 volume (which is 26 grains +/- in most of the normal powders in that round. The BR-30 was engineered to be about perfect at 30 grains of the typical Bench Rest powders, it will go about 20 grains both ways, but the further away from 30 grains you get the larger your "+ and -" get. I is great from 223 to 308. For huge cases, I set it for a grain short on a double charge the weigh and trickle charge to the exact charge (this is for my 338 Lapua and 378 H&H mag.) That is still much faster than my 22 year old electronic dispenser by RCBS!

An inexpensive electronic scale is sold by Hornady in the $40-50 range. Go to the "Head Shop" and the same or better scale is about $25-35, I like these for field loading. Use one AA battery, remove when not in use. Store in a protective box that wont let it be pressed on! (same for all digital scales)

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