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About 1996 I bought an Anschutz 200 or 225 pellet rifle for $225. I hung out at an Anschutz dealers shop and ask what it was worth? The answer was "about $225, maybe only $200" I felt a little dejected but thanked him anyway. Then he says, "That doesn't include the $475 in sights!" I had forgotten that those target guns don't include sights.

Fast foreword about 10 years: My Godson had turned 14 and finished the year with a 3.5 GPA, so I told him it was time he learned to shoot 22 the way you're suppose to. I had a 1960's Anschutz 2000 (bottom of the line) smallish target rifle and put the sights from the pellet rifle on it. With Ely Club, that rifle put 10 shots in the same 1/4" hole at 50 yards, all I had to do was adjust the group to the center of the target and it was ready for giving lessons! My #2 son, shot expert in the Marine Corps, so I had him give the Godson the lessons. Safety First, How to get into you sling, How to aim, How to squeeze the trigger, How to follow through. (and I taught him: How to properly clean my rifle!

At 50 yards on a calm morning he shot 125 rounds of Ely Club. He shot 1 "8", 14 "9"s & 110 "10"s, 52 of which were "X"s. That was the most excited I ever saw him! (his older brother was a medic for SF and couldn't shoot near that well) He always has the knowledge and memory from that morning. He was away at college and always asked If we could shoot when he's home? If the weather cooperated, I always obliged!

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