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The .002 end shake is fine and messing with yoke tube is not the way to go. Shortening it will not move cylinder away from barrel and a .002 stretched yoke would only cause .000 end shake and that is to tight and would only give you a .002 B/C gap, besides mess up the fit of original JET cylinder I probably take .003-4 off the face of the 22 lr cylinder if rear gauge is minimal. Someone with a lathe or mill with a rotary table could do it easy. That way the barrel shank remains the same and jet cylinder works as it always has. T depending on yoke tube and center hole length taking .003 off the face of 22lr cylinder let let the cylinder move forward a bit more giving it even more end shake, but shims in cylinder to adjust it to .001 to .002 once face is trimmed would give you a good fit. When you remove the yoke the shims will remain in the cylinder. I had a dual cylinder 45 acp 45 colt setup that worked that way.

Another possibility is what is the rear gauge or head space with 22 lr cases measured between case head and firing pin bushing area? If it is say .006 or more you could remove .003 from face of ratchet and then space the cylinder back .003, end up with .003 head space (or more) and a .003 gap Removing material from center of ratchet will close up head space. To much will cause case head binding though. If you found some thicker case heads (sammi spec is .040) and they bound a bit a couple turns of a 22 lr reamer would let the cases set bit deeper. I am not sure the specs on a 22lr but on rimmed guns it is supposed to be .001 to about .008 from hear to recoil shield

Point is a good Smith smith can make both cylinders fit and function with out messing with the yoke, original cylinder a rear barrel face.

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