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I started about 1972 with the 222 Remington and 6.5 Carcano. Mainly the Carcano because IIRC 20 rounds of Norma ammo cost twice as much as Dad paid for the gun - yes, from Kleins and with a scope. Considering its November 1963 notoriety it was relegated to the closet for several years.

I'm around 100 cartridges now. A while back someone gave me a bunch of 416 Rigby brass, so I went out and bought a 416 rifle. Recently bought a Colt Police Positive in 38 S&W, reload for that now. And reloading allows me to shoot my TZ90 in 41AE - bought that pistol new for $199.00 because I could reload for it. I suspect others have similar stories of how reloading creatively cost $$$ beyond the usual buying bullets and brass.

One of the reasons I'm looking forward to moving into my OR place is that it has a two car attached garage with lots of space. No more cramming stuff into 6x8 ft in an apartment.

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