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I'm almost finished with an 8lb. keg of HS-6. I'd call it a "niche" powder. I've developed some good accurate loads, all with cast bullets, in 9mm, .38 Special, and .45 Colt. Never got it to shoot well in .45 ACP with a variety of bullets. .44 Special - I can't remember but don't really recall any outstanding loads. .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum... nothing memorable there that I can remember. I think most of my loads in any cartridge that were accurate were below maximum.

In summation and based only on my experience: HS-6 works very well in a few instances but is not a particularly versatile powder. It's noticeably slower than Unique. Magnum primers are usually recommended for this powder, but I tried many loads with CCI-500s, CCI-550s, CCI-300s, and CCI-350s with virtually no difference in accuracy, ignition and powder burn, or anything else. It's probably true this powder shouldn't be loaded light, but it doesn't require maximum loads to work either. Again, my results were obtained using cast bullets but I don't expect them to be appreciably different with jacketed bullets.
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