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I think the idea is very sound but I'd recommend a more serious product like SBS 46 protective cream. I also recommend D-lead soap for after. I don't doubt there are other soaps just as effective but this one is sold specifically for the purpose and just isn't that expensive. I've also heard you should wash first with cold water to decrease absorption.
Then there's the old guy I know who smokes and eats while reloading and has done so for decades! Nice guy, but he has some health problems and I'm *really* glad he's not my neighbor!

Casting is way more dangerous than handling nice non-oxidized bullets. Excellent ventilation is an absolute necessity.

All that said, for children under 10 even the *slightest* amount of lead can be really damaging, but for older folks it seems that ~90% of us tolerate lead better than one might expect and only ~10% have serious health effects. Of course you don't know if you are in that sensitive group until it's too late...
A taste of the research is here but a lot of it comes from the old typesetters who would heat their lunch over the lead pots and while some would go on fine for decades, some would die off quite quickly.
Genetic susceptibility to lead poisoning.

I've been tested repeatedly and always high but that is likely a result of paint dust exposure.

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Does anyone use the cream-style hand coatings? I can't wear gloves, especially when reloading calibers like 380 and 9 mm. It's probably not a good idea to get the lead residue, etc on your skin. My hands can get pretty filthy at times when working around ammo. I'm also a boolit caster, so there's that avenue of exposure, too. As I get older I find myself being more cautious about health matters. Been thinking of getting some of this stuff and I was wondering how well it works, of if you know of something else that works.
Protective Hand Coating - -

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