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Originally Posted by max503 View Post
Does anyone use the cream-style hand coatings? I can't wear gloves, especially when reloading calibers like 380 and 9 mm. It's probably not a good idea to get the lead residue, etc on your skin. My hands can get pretty filthy at times when working around ammo. I'm also a boolit caster, so there's that avenue of exposure, too. As I get older I find myself being more cautious about health matters. Been thinking of getting some of this stuff and I was wondering how well it works, of if you know of something else that works.
Protective Hand Coating - -
You say that you can't wear gloves while reloading. Presuming you are speaking of rubber gloves, may I ask why?

If you are having a skin reaction, the consider a different compound for the glove. Many people have latex allergies (even mild ones) that they are unaware of so using a nitrile-based glove is better. I've also seen reactions to the talc or cornstarch powders they use to coat the gloves with. You can get them uncoated as needed.

If it's because you don't have the dexterity, fine movement or tactile feeling you would like while wearing gloves then try either a different brand, a different thickness, or even a tighter size (for better feel).

Years ago we trial tested several different "liquid glove" lotions for use in EMS so I can speak with expertise in that specific arena. Needless to say there was not a single one that even made it as high as "Marginally Acceptable", but patient care is a horse of another color compared to reloading, which I have no knowledge of whatsoever.

Good luck!
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