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I'd say half my dies are Lee, haven't had any reasons to complain about their performance. Did once buy a new set that had a burr inside the sizing die that scratched cases, but Lee replaced it free. I prefer RCBS dies. I love to find used RCBS dies at gun shows, even in calibers I don't have. Never can tell when I might need them. I usually pay $10 or less for a set.

My source of decapping pin stock is my son. He sells orthopedic surgery devices, some of which use special stainless steel rods of exactly the right diameter and about a foot long. They are really tough and hard, and a hacksaw or wire cutter won't work to cut pins to length. I have to use a Dremel tool with an abrasive cutoff disc, and even then it's not easy. But they will absolutely not bend or break.

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