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Originally Posted by max503 View Post
Does anyone use the cream-style hand coatings? I can't wear gloves, especially when reloading calibers like 380 and 9 mm. It's probably not a good idea to get the lead residue, etc on your skin. My hands can get pretty filthy at times when working around ammo. I'm also a boolit caster, so there's that avenue of exposure, too. As I get older I find myself being more cautious about health matters. Been thinking of getting some of this stuff and I was wondering how well it works, of if you know of something else that works.
Protective Hand Coating - -
I've used that and similar products for doing greasy dirty automotive work. It works great for protecting your skin from grease & oil. Cleanup afterwards is really easy - compared what a pain it is to clean up if you're not using something like that. I presume it would work equally well to protect your skin from lead exposure.

I understand the thing about gloves. If they are thick enough to work, I can't work in the darned things. I end up pulling one (or both) off to do tasks requiring fine dexterity.

If they aren't thick enough they just tear and then they are pointless. Basically gloves are a non-starter for me. But the invisible glove stuff gives results that are about as good as actual physical gloves.
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