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Originally Posted by Nevada Ed View Post
Have you tried BE-86 vs HS-6 in your 9mm pistols ?

You do shoot the 147 gr bullets, right ??
I've tried many powders and many cast bullets of different weights and designs in several 9mm pistols since I became interested in 9mm cast bullet loads over thirty years ago. The best and most accurate bullet design I've found has been the Lyman #358212, a 150 grain round nose .38 Special bullet sized to .358".

Surprisingly, my best load has been with Bullseye powder, with the oddball HS-6 not far behind. I've never been too impressed with the 9mm cartridge, but the cast bullet experiments became more of a quest than anything really useful. Regardless, these loads shoot very well in a Beretta 92F, A Sig P226, and a Walther P4, the only 9mm pistols I have left.
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