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Originally Posted by LDM View Post
I have Norma 9mm brass that won't fit into an RCBS shell holder. Either the rim section is too thick or the gap between the body and the rim is too thin. Trying to find a shell holder that will work.
I had the same problem with some brass ... I discovered some primers , upon firing , protruded just enough to keep them from fitting into even a Lee Shell Holder . I had to take a file to the protruding primer ... file off just enough so it would fit into a shell holder .
Before you do anything , check for protruding primers.
I discovered it when I set one of many on level bench , didn't toss it in container like I usually do ... the standing case wobbled all over the place , a finger across the base detected high / protruding primer ! The ones in the container all had the same primer protrusion... it doesn't take much at all .
A few strokes with a file and the primer is flat ... I'm sure there's a better way to fix them but I went with Easy Fix.
Next time I'm going to try driving the primers back in ... If you file too much primer away away the pin might puncture the cup ! Be careful with the file fix's not the best .

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