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Originally Posted by Nemo288 View Post
Hodgdon has data for both 165 and 185 gr cast bullets in the 44 special.
You could interpolate and then back off and work up as usual.
You didn't say what alternate powder you were considering but with revolvers almost any shotgun or pistol powder can be made to work if one is careful.

For instance a powder I would use (that I have and is on that list) would be Universal.
Hodgdon lists 5.5-6.3 grains under the 165 and 5.4-6.4 under the 185.
My ladder then for a 175 would be 5, 5.5, 6 grains.
If you are willing to push SAAMI to +P in a modern gun then 6.5 would be useable, if it's accurate.

You can also look at 180 gr. jacketed data as your 175 will have lower friction (and weight).

Since that looks to be a range and plinking round, I would try for the lowest load that is accurate and still gets the bullet out of the barrel.

I consider 550 fps the minimum to guarantee cast bullet exit and 600 fps for jacketed.

Sorry to ramble on but trying for the lowest accurate load was a pursuit of mine for many years including trying various fillers most of which were more work than they were worth.
Granulated shotshell buffer is about the easiest and best if you ever go that route.
Corncob tumbling media also works as it is somewhat compressable and light.
Also worked up loads with powder for which there was no data like CSB-1 during the last big shortage several years back.
44 special is a handloader's dream as it is so versatile and forgiving.
Thanks for this very helpful response. I still forget about the online apps the various manufacturers provide.
I didn't list powders since I have a wide variety to choose from just now, including some obsolete ones so didn't want to prejudice the jury, as it were. With that in mind I'm even more pleased the Hodgdon site still has data for some SR powders. I've sometimes looked for the most efficient powder in terms of highest velocity for the lowest chamber pressure, in this case that would be the 700X/800X which I do have and have never used since I've read of people having issues with bridging. I wonder if the starting load of 6.3 is enough that I wouldn't need to worry about that?

The triple-lock is the very antithesis of "modern" so I'll be staying as close to starting loads as I can and still get good accuracy.

No need to apologize, I appreciate the experience and detail. I'm not planning to go down the rabbit hole far enough to need fillers but I'm also punching paper with firearms that are over a century old so not needing any more stress on them than necessary to do that.
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