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Originally Posted by max503 View Post
More good answers here than I imagined.
I'm fishing for helpful ideas from you guys.
I find even nitrile gloves clumsy. Did use them last night while sizing several hundred 9mm's and did ok.
One indoor range I belong to is notoriously unhealthy. I was going twice per week and my blood levels went up to a 9 and the acceptable level is 5. Stopped going and 3 months later it was down to a 7. (The old acceptable level was 10, but the government lowered it to 5.) I was doing voluntary testing because it was free with my insurance. The average person walks around with about a 2.5 lead level. All these numbers are from what I remember from some online research.
I've never regretted watching out for myself and that's what I'm attempting to do here. Thank you.
If you find nitrile gloves to be clumsy then I can recommend that you either step down to a thinner material (perhaps 5 mil) or use a smaller size. A smaller size will be more challenging to put on but will provide better feel - which in my former life was great for finding a vein to start an IV. Many of the paramedics I taught that skill to over the years became more adept and successful at it when using tighter gloves. They should literally fit like a "second skin".

For better grip, make sure that what you are buying has textured fingertips instead of smooth. That makes a huge difference. The 5 mil nitrile gloves from Harbor Freight seem to do the job for me when I'm working in my shop.
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